• Benny Birthcake
    Benny Birthcake

    He wants to wish you an unhappy birthday! You're evil and you lie and if you should die he may feel slightly sad but he won’t cry!

  • Cheeky Bastard
    Cheeky Bastard

    His judgement is swift and severe! After condemning you for shameful acts, he will pull out your heart and eat it - with a side of kidney beans!

  • Cuckie Cutter
    Cuckie Cutter

    This little bugger eats his tricks afer he has consumed all of their love! He prefers gingerbread men!!

  • El Mozzador
    El Mozzador

    This rebellious rocker loves   to listen to Morrissey while sticking sharp pins into him- self! By hurting himself, he     is less likely to hurt others. 

    Trivia: This character was inspired by Morrissey's   strong Latino following. 

  • El Narco Rojo
    El Narco Rojo

    High on nicotine and with a flare for gossip, this little narc is so busy spreading rumors that he can’t commit to loving!!

  • Ella La Fea
    Ella La Fea

    Be still…Be calm…be quite now, my precious boy! Don’t struggle like that or I will only love you more!!!

  • Gloria Negra
    Gloria Negra

    Her black love is more than any person can handle! Be weary of the second head!! It knows your weakness!!!

  • Little Lord Shitz A’hoy
    Little Lord Shitz A’hoy

    This tub of sludgy poo loves tricking you into thinking that he is a yummy treat but don’t be fooled…his love leaves an awful after taste!

  • Mc Gee Gee
    Mc Gee Gee

    This trashy “fruit” pimps out his own heart for money! After so many years of pimping, his dark heart no longer beats the same way!

  • Mr. Highland
    Mr. Highland

    This little guy is not for the weak hearted. The more drugs you do, the more he loves you!

  • Mr. Sprinkle Dinkle
    Mr. Sprinkle Dinkle

    This little doughnut is cute, sweet, and delicious! Lick his sugary toppings and get a giggly-loving high!!

  • Randy and Sandy
    Randy and Sandy

    These pesky twins unhealthy fascination with science can lead them into trouble. They have been known to dissect hearts in hopes to find the cure for loneliness.

  • Salacio Fellatio
    Salacio Fellatio

    This Italian fiends old ways can be both daunting and obtrusive. His love of tongue lashings has created quite a stir in certain circles.

  • The Golden Beanie
    The Golden Beanie

    This golden “beanie” has been raised solely on rainbow treats. The Ritalin baked into these yummy treats has made our little friend extremely hyper and unpredictable!


The inspiration for these emblems, seals, and insignias came from an old concept used widely in medieval times and is very much in use today. These symbols were often used by groups and societies who wish to be identified by a visual marker, which at times included text.